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The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy

With over 900 new breweries opening since 2013, the European beer industry has bounced back from the financial crisis. This is one of the key findings of a study released today on “The Economic Contribution of Beer to the European Economy”. The EU remains the second largest beer producer in the world after China; more importantly, the number of European breweries has significantly increased in recent years– to a total of over 6500, producing 383 million hectolitres of beer in 2014.

Europe’s brewing industry is a sector worth supporting

New EP beer club president Renate Sommer wants to promote ‘positive contribution’ of beer. Cervisiam bibat or “drink beer”. This recommendation by the erudite Saint Hildegard von Bingen (1098 – 1179) in her visionary medical and scientific work, ‘Causa et Curae’ highlights just how deeply anchored beer is in European culture. Saint Hildegard knew about the medical effects of hop as an antimicrobial and calmative, with its many positive health effects.

Beer Statistics 2014: Europe’s brewers optimistic under tough market conditions

On the occasion of the relaunch of the European Parliament’s (EP) Beer Club, The Brewers of Europe published the 2014 European Beer Statistics, which reveal a brewing sector that continues to show signs of recovery, but still faces constraints to growth and investment.
The Secretary General of The Brewers of Europe, Pierre-Oliver Bergeron commented “Our new data show that, despite a further decline in beer consumption in the EU in 2013, direct employment and exports remained stable, demonstrating that global demand for European beer remains high.”

Faces of Brewing photo exhibition in European Parliament shows sector’s craft and dynamism

BRUSSELS, 6 November 2013: European Parliamentarians joined with brewers from across Europe Wednesday to open the ‘Faces of Brewing’ photography exhibition, highlighting the people behind the sector’s craft and economic dynamism.
The exhibition, from 5-8 November 2013 in the European Parliament, is a selection of images from the award-winning annual ‘Faces of Brewing’ photo competition, which encourages talented photographers to shine a light on beer and brewing, including those people in the hospitality sector, where beer plays such a vital role.

Study shows EU hospitality sector is key economic driver, sparking calls for more political support

Joint press release by The Brewers of Europe and HOTREC
Brussels, 17 September – A new Europe-wide study by EY, released Tuesday, shows the hospitality sector plays a critical role in fighting youth unemployment and is essential for jobs and growth and the health of other sectors. MEPs and the sectoral associations HOTREC and The Brewers of Europe call for more-supportive EU policies to boost the sector’s performance.

European Parliament event to launch new report on the contribution of the hospitality sector to Europe’s economy

On 17 September will take place an event in the European Parliament to launch a new report by Ernst & Young on the contribution made by the hospitality sector to Europe’s economy, growth and jobs. Entitled “Toasting Europe´s future: The role of the hospitality industry in re-launching growth”, the launch will take place over a dinner debate from 18.30 to 20.30 in the European Parliament in Brussels.

Europe’s Brewers pledge increased action to combat alcohol misuse

BRUSSELS, 29 February 2012: Intensifying their support to authorities to fight alcohol misuse, Europe’s 3,500 brewers launched a Pledge at the European Parliament on Tuesday to increase consumer information, enforce responsible advertising and conduct new awareness campaigns reaching out to young adults, drivers, and pregnant women.
The European Beer Pledge, launched at an event hosted by the EP Beer Club and Parliament Magazine, is a package of voluntary initiatives that Europe’s brewers are taking, which empowers EU citizens and leverages the importance of new technologies such as social media to support the European Union and its Member States in their Strategy to reduce alcohol-related harm.

Europe’s Brewers provide €1 billion per year to support community events

Thousands of public events across Europe depend heavily on sponsorships by European brewers and could be in danger amid ongoing scrutiny of such financial support that totals nearly €1 billion annually, according to a new study commissioned by The Brewers of Europe.
While major high-profile sports sponsorships grab the headlines, 62% of brewer-supported events take place at local and regional level, says the first-of-its-kind study by Sponsorship Ideas, which counted over 8,000 events supported by local brewers. Less than 12% went to major sports.