BRUSSELS, 6 November 2013: European Parliamentarians joined with brewers from across Europe Wednesday to open the ‘Faces of Brewing’ photography exhibition, highlighting the people behind the sector’s craft and economic dynamism.

The exhibition, from 5-8 November 2013 in the European Parliament, is a selection of images from the award-winning annual ‘Faces of Brewing’ photo competition, which encourages talented photographers to shine a light on beer and brewing, including those people in the hospitality sector, where beer plays such a vital role.

Opening the exhibition, MEP Marianne Thyssen observed that each image tells a story and that one of the biggest stories is that “Brewing, and the activities around it in the hospitality sector, in bars, pubs and cafés, are responsible for 2 million jobs in the European Union.”

“These are jobs that support a flexible labour market, providing work for young and first time labour market entrants, and for those people returning to the job market. The sector is thus also helping to combat youth unemployment,” said MEP Marianne Thyssen, President of the European Parliament Beer Club.

Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, The Brewers of Europe’s Secretary-General noted the exhibition “shows that brewing is a craft, an art and a tradition and that beer brings people together. It is a chance to celebrate the socio-economic and cultural contribution of our brewing sector in Europe and all those who work in its long value chain.”

Guests at the opening enjoyed fine beers provided by the Lithuanian Brewers’ Guild to celebrate both Lithuania’s Presidency of the Council of the EU and ‘Faces of Brewing’.

Running for three consecutive years, the ‘Faces of Brewing’ competition has received more than 44,000 visits and 1,200 photos from 31 European countries. Almost 100 images have been chosen to appear on its website, reflecting the diversity of beers on the European market, within the brewing sector and among the pubs, bars and restaurants that serve them.

Visitors attending the exhibition can vote for their favourite photos and help nominate the ‘Parliament’s Choice’. Results will be announced after 8 November on the ‘Faces of Brewing’ website and Twitter and Facebook.


Simon Spillane, The Brewers of Europe: +32 (0)2 551 1810,

About The Brewers of Europe

For more than a half century The Brewers of Europe has been the Brussels-based voice of the European brewing sector towards the European institutions and international organisations. Founded in 1958, it has 29 members, comprising 26 national brewer associations from the EU, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey.

About Faces of Brewing

The winner of the 2013 edition will be announced at the Beer Serves Europe gala evening on 4 December, following the deliberation of a six-person panel composed of renowned photographers and brewing industry representatives and MEP Marianne Thyssen.
The competition won ‘Digital/Online Champion’ at the 2012 European Public Affairs Awards.