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What is the European Parliament Beer Club?

EP Beer Club Factsheet

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Established in 1995, the European Parliament (EP) Beer Club is a forum for discussion and information exchange about issues that affect the brewing sector within the European Union. The EP Beer Club believes that Beer is part of Europe’s heritage and tradition, and aims to support the responsible growth and stability of the brewing sector in the European Union.

Who are Members of the EP Beer Club?

The EP Beer Club has been one of the biggest groupings of its kind in the European Parliament, bringing together over 100 MEPs. It is not an official Intergroup of the Parliament, but a more informal grouping of Members who support a healthy brewing sector and recognise the contribution of Beer and brewing to European culture, tradition and the economy.

When does the Club meet?

The EP Beer Club offers a unique opportunity to stay informed about Beer-related issues such as:

  • The contribution made by Beer to Europe’s socio-economic landscape and cultural patrimony;
  • The work of Europe’s ten thousand or so Breweries towards ensuring the 50 000 different Beer brands in Europe be crafted as quality and enjoyable products to the satisfaction of Europe’s responsible consumers; and
  • How this contribution can be affected (or enhanced) by policy developments across the EU.

To this end, a number of activities are arranged throughout the year, including briefings, newsletters, report launches, EP events, study visits and receptions.

EP Beer Club Objectives

  • EP Beer Club Members recognise the positive contribution made by Beer to Europe’s society, culture, economy and image.
  • EP Beer Club Members believe that Europe should retain a strong brewing sector and support a policy framework that nurtures this.
  • EP Beer Club Members support the positive role of Beer in Europe’s culture – reflected in the brewing traditions in all Member States.
  • The EP Beer Club seeks to foster a greater understanding of the brewing sector within the European Institutions, and particularly the European Parliament.
  • The EP Beer Club encourages the brewing sector to pursue its work as a responsible stakeholder.

Role of ‘The Brewers of Europe’ vis-à-vis the EP Beer Club

The Brewers of Europe, an international not-for-profit association under Belgian law (Transparency Register: Nr 81610896372-23), currently representing 29 national brewer associations within the EU and beyond, provides technical support to the EP Beer Club. This takes the form of logistical support for the Club events, receptions and working sessions, responses to requests from Club Members for information about Europe’s brewing sector, as well as thematic briefings on issues of interest to the Club Members. The Brewers of Europe may also facilitate contacts between MEPs and their local brewers.

Whilst The Brewers of Europe and its National Association Members may encourage Members of the European Parliament to become Members of the Club, membership is a decision that belongs to the MEPs themselves.
The views expressed by the Club do not necessarily represent the views of The Brewers of Europe, and vice versa.


The EP Beer Club is an initiative that is owned by MEPs. MEPs in the Club do not receive any form of remuneration for their membership or any activity pertaining to the Club.

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