The EP Beer Club

Established in 1995, the European Parliament (EP) Beer Club is a forum for discussion and information exchange about issues that affect the brewing sector within the European Union. The EP Beer Club believes that Beer is part of Europe’s heritage and tradition, and aims to support the responsible growth and stability of the brewing sector in the European Union.

Beer: A European affair

  • There are over 10000 breweries in Europe
  • Beer is brewed in all 28 EU Member States
  • There are over 50,000 beer brands in the EU
  • There are around 80 different beer styles
  • Beer employs over 2 million people in the EU
  • Beer generates over €4 billion in tax each year

How to become a Member?

Membership to the European Parliament Beer Club is only open to elected Members of the European Parliament. Please fill in the registration form to become a Member (all fields are mandatory).

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